Edd Vick

Thank you for visiting. I write stories with stars and ghosts, 

with dinosaurs and lost children, 

with worlds both altered and familiar.

Recent Publications


Perdita, Meaning Lost

Sold to Cast of Wonders

not yet released


Polaroid Land

Sold to Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine

not yet released



Sold to Retro Future

not yet released


The Salvation Complication

Sold to Sci Fi Journal

Published March 2017




Choice Cuts

Sold to Brave Boy World

Published January 2017







Tenéré (written with Manny Frishberg)

Sold to Analog

Published May/June 2017







Expeditionary Force

Sold to Nonbinary Review

Published in #10, 2016







Prophet Motive

Sold to Arcane Arts Anthology

Published January 2017







One App to Rule Them All (written with Manny Frishberg)

Sold to Untethered: A Magic iPhone Anthology

Published October 2016





Down at the Castaway (written with Manny Frishberg)

Sold to Fantasy Scroll Magazine

not yet released


Riker Specimen Boxes

Sold to Cool Tools

Published February 2016